What to Expect at a Meeting

Each meeting is divided into two parts.

In the first 45 minutes a topic is explored by the group through questions posed by the facilitator. These topics could be about behavioral issues or may probe the emotional aspects that underlie eating disorders and food and weight preoccupations.

The second 45 minutes is for open sharing time. Those participants wishing to explore something more personal to them may use the time of the group to further explore this issue in a group setting. These issues should be related to the eating disorder or food and weight preoccupation. Participants may use this time to just share something positive in their lives or pose an issue they are dealing with and ask for feedback from group members.

It is the job of the facilitator to keep the group on track, but the group works best when all participants are involved in the meeting. This is a support group and not a therapy group so interaction between participants in the group setting is encouraged.

In the meetings we have times of great joy as people move forward on their recovery pathway. We also have times of immense sadness in sharing the pain. But mostly we are just there for each other supporting the active recovery process.